Outdoor “plug and play” lighting system

Outdoor lighting from Garden Lights is based on low voltage (12 volts). We will gladly explain how you can easily assemble a complete Garden Lights 12-volt outdoor lighting system yourself. Follow the steps below and enjoy your beautifully lit garden until late in the night.

So how does it work?

Select the light fixtures you want to use to tastefully illuminate your front yard, garden, driveway, parking area, fence, pond or porch from our extensive product range.

As our system runs on 12 volts, a transformer is needed to supply the lighting with power. Before you select a transformer, it is important to know the total wattage of the lamps you want to install in your garden. You can easily calculate this amount by adding up the wattages of the different products. The wattage of a lamp can be found on its box or in the product description on our website.

To ensure you can expand your system later with lamps and/or accessories, it is advisable to get a transformer with more capacity than you actually need right now. For example, if your total wattage is 21 watts, it is a good idea to purchase a 60-watt transformer, rather than a 24-watt version. The former will allow you to expand your garden lighting systems in the future.

We offer several transformers that are suitable for 12 Volt outdoor lighting. Their maximum capacity is 24, 60 or 150 watts.

Then you get started with the main cable, you can choose from 2 types of systems:

System 1: The main cable with connectors at fixed points. This main cable features fixed connectors on the cable so that you no longer need to purchase these separately. You can choose the 10-meter main cable with 4 connection points or the 15-meter main cable with 6 connection points. Not enough connection points? With the screw connector, you can easily connect an extra lamp.

System 2: The Flex main cable without fixed connectors. With the Flex main cables, you are free to determine where you want to connect the lights to the cable. To connect a lamp or accessory, you need the female Flex connector. To branch off, attach the male Flex connector to the female connector. The Flex main cable is available in 10, 25, and 50 meters.

Your cable system can easily be expanded with our extension cables and cable distributor.

FIXED cable system

FLEXIBLE cable system